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Winter Blooms

Why not add some colour to your town or village this winter?  The potential for colourful flowers during the winter "dormant period" is often not considered viable and yet there is a wide range of vibrant winter blooms to choose from. All too often areas can become dull and empty once summer is over, providing little visual interest for months on end. To avoid this, a winter plant up is the answer!

Civic Pride understands that even in the darkest dullest days some beautiful winter blooms can lift the spirit of all who see them. Bring nature to your doorstep with a variety of winter planting.

Beautiful Winter Flora

Let us can give you the inspiration needed to add the warmth of winter flowers to your streets. If you already have your own planters or beds, let us fill them. We have the expertise to bring them to life so you can enjoy beautiful winter blooms, even with snow on the ground.

Conifers provide shelter, foliage and form, perennials add ongoing colourful variety, late autumn and early spring-flowering bulbs, and ornamental grasses add texture and movement.

If you would like the winter plant up experience, then talk to us today.